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Woman’s safety with VPT7 and VoxTrail Mobile App

With the ever-growing crime rates against women in India, recently we have found a new voice of “#MeToo” campaign around the nation. The campaign focuses on the voice of women which was been suppressed by the empowered authorities or high-dignity men of the society who sexually harassed or molested them without any fear. Many top-notch high profile men faces have been veiled in the #Me Too power . We do believe that the world is progressing with the advancement in technology but at the same time humanity amongst humans is depleting and Woman’s safety is depleting day by day. Probably the worst one is the crime against women. Crime and violence against women have increased to a great extend in the recent years. Women of all age and culture feel unsafe in their surroundings due to increased misdeeds. More than 30 crimes against women happen every hour as per a recent survey. It’s obvious for anyone to be concerned about Women’s safety.

In today’s thriving world, every family is concerned about their working women’s security. Moreover, if the women are working in night shift, they feel even more helpless with the feeling of insecurity and fear. This fear increases manifolds if the women’s phone is not reachable. So what should be done in such cases? Is there a solution to the woman’s safety issue?

Gurugram based company VoxTrail launched products for women safety to this social problem. VoxTrail Mobile App helps in making women safe in their surroundings. VoxTrail personal GPS tracking devices helps to inform the current location of the user to family members and police department via notifications, messages, alerts and e-mails. Real-time tracking and precise location reading are central features of VoxTrail GPS app. VPT7 GPS pendant and VPT11 watch GPS tracker is a wearable device that has become a breakthrough in women’s safety. This is ideal for women to ensure their safety. They can wear these devices throughout the day and press it to initiate a signal when they feel unsafe. This signal goes to the devices added and people can immediately take action to ensure that the woman is safe. These GPS devices are used merely by syncing it to the VoxTrail GPS app.

“With the upcoming increased crime rates against women in the society, comes the need to curb it. It’s been shocking that how within few years the misdeed activities against women have increased at a gross rate. Keeping the vision of providing a safe and vigilant environment, VoxTrail Software Solutions has designed technology oriented products and services which are a new edge to the GPS Technology. Especially for women whether working or non-working, VoxTrail women safety products are a must try. VoxTrail Software Solutions supports the #Me Too wave and is educating women for the same”. CEO – Mr. Ritesh Chauhan.

This breakthrough gps technology for woman safety have multiple features in the VoxTrail mobile app

  • It enables real-time location tracking
  • Tracking of multiple people at one time
  • Alert zone indicators
  • Location history record for 24 hour
  • SOS alarm
  • Detection of undefined path

Apart from tremendous personal use, VoxTrail Mobile App can be easily used in professional settings. Companies are getting more and more watchful on the security of their woman employees, they can use GPS Trackers to make their work a little easier. Such companies use these devices to track the location of women from one point of contact and immediately rescue in case of emergency.

VoxTrail Mobile App along with GPS Devices can be used in various aspects of day-to-day life. Whether you are a company or guardian of the house, you can use VoxTrail GPS Trackers to track the safety of your beloved once anytime and have a peaceful mind. Make VPT7 the guardian of women and ejaculate a safe and secure environment.

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