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VoxTrail Mobile App With Advanced New Features

In this technology era, where every product or service has an application developed for its brand identity, there are certain applications which work on Artificial Intelligence protocol. VoxTrail Software Solutions – one of the leading VTS and Fleet management brand introduces – VoxTrail Mobile App (Version: 1.5) for a layman to a big business house.

With mobile apps contributing 60% to the IOT sector of Indian economy, the GPS mobile app usage and subscription is a long way to go. VoxTrail Mobile app has many advanced features beyond just tracking functionality. Whereby earlier we use to see the tracking on our laptop or computer with less accuracy and no real-time tracking, but now we able to view Real-time tracking information with advanced features on our mobile. VoxTrail Design the app very much user friendly with intuit UI.

VoxTrail GPS App accelerates mobility in the tracking and securing your vehicles and loved ones with an easy to use and handy functionality. Compatible with the latest version of Android and Iphone, VoxTrail GPS app enriches your experience of tracking through its advance and interactive features.

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