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Voxtrail GPS Mobile App

With an overall growth rate of 60% in the mobile apps, GPS Tracking apps have become a new niche in the domain. VoxTrail GPS Mobile App serving hundreds of customer in GPS domain providing end-users with an intuit UI, interactive interface, eye-opening enriched advance features with an integrated synchronized support system and app packed with user required features.

VoxTrail has recently launched new version of Mobile App in which users can now get the real time tracking with diagrammatical reports, graphical analysis, SMS alerts and notifications, live location with vehicle status and time, events management, add-on features and support services with 24x7 assistance from the service provider.

As per the respected owner of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Ritesh Chauhan, “VoxTrail App is a catalyst for enhancing the GPS with artificial intelligence IOT solutions and diminishing the pains factors in of each and every segment, thus delivering a quality “Made in India” products and services to the Nation”.

How To Use VoxTrail App:-

  1. When you download the app, the “Splash Screen” welcomes you and takes you to the login screen.
  2. Once logged in, using an existing account or new registration, the “Dashboard Screen” shows you the complete status of the registered vehicles on the home screen; whether vehicles are online, offline, running or parked with Current Positioning & Single vehicle history. You can view the speed of the vehicle, time duration with running and total duration parameters, distance driven with fuel consumption
  3. When you have to view the information on the map with the markup panel along with real-time tracking, the “Device List” gives you a complete insight about the vehicle and device integrated with it.
  4. One of the advanced add-on features is the “Refresh Button” which updates the prior information with 10 second buffer rate.
  5. Creating a “Zone Alert” is a basic functionality in any GPS App, but with VoxTrail GPS App – You can create geo-fencing with prompt notifications and alerts in a real-time scenario.
  6. You can have access over the trip history, playback options and zone-in and zone-out functions with speed monitoring via “Report” panel in the app.
  7. Activities related to vehicle model number and device model number along with the time, location, frequency, and date can be measured and diagnosed with the “Event Functionality” of the app.
  8. With the “Single Object Screen”, you can scan the complete A to Z of the vehicle with the required parameters/ conditions fulfillment. You can record the real-time location and data about the device and vehicle on the map. Providing complete information about the frequency of stops, distance and time duration one can track and trace the vehicle on live mapping.
  9. If the user wishes to change any settings or commands, he/she can do it from the “Setting Tab” ensuring preference settings.
  10. A unique attribute of VoxTrail app is "sharing of app and objects" with one another. Through this, one can easily direct the other user on the app with a "unique generated link" for a particular interface. Track and Trace your vehicle on a real time virtual basis without even getting registered on the app.
  11. One of the essential function - “USER PROFILE” helps you to stay connected with VoxTrail help center with 24X7 communication and assistance from the service provider.

Being in the industry from last 4 years, VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as a niche brand provides a fully synchronized app which is compatible with the latest and old versions of both android and IOS. Providing service to every segment, it is suitable and easy to use for a layman, parent, SME Owner, a big transporter or a big corporate house.
Don’t just limit yourself with tracking but enlarge your horizons for IOT need. Ensure your safety with VoxTrail Mobile App.Go grab it now!!