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Powerful Asset Tracking Devices With Long Battery Backup

VoxTrail's Solar GPS Tracker (VAT) is a highly developed Asset Tracking device which is compact, small, and intelligent technology GPS Tracker which mainly works on solar power to track & trace the real time location of your fleets or assets. With the innovative advancements and foremost solar management mechanism VoxTrail Asset Management system is the India’s first ‘MADE IN INDIA’ solar tracker having numerous features, such as –

  • Maximum Internal battery with in-built battery of 1000 mah battery back-up
  • LBS, GPS and Wi-Fi positioning feature
  • Easy to install device having intelligent power saving mechanism
  • Integrated with VoxTrail Mobile App and advanced Intuit VoxTrail Software
  • Well compiled to handle extreme and severe environmental conditions
  • Well organized solar power operations with smart and elegant look
  • Real time tracking of your fleets or assets
  • Multiple alerts & alarms
  • Tempering & Drop Alerts

VoxTrail Magnet Tracker – VMT is the foremost tracking device which is prepared with high powered lithium-ion battery having working operations up to 2-3 weeks. The device is apt for the asset tracking & cargo management. The advanced features of this powerful companionable magnetic tracker are as follows –

  • Embedded with strong magnet and track by – SMS, App, & Web
  • High power battery backup with 5000 mah battery (expandable)
  • High power lithium-ion battery which operates up to 2-3 weeks
  • Easy to install and integrated with VoxTrail Mobile App & VoxTrail Software
  • Real time tracking & alerts for asset and cargo tracking
  • The device is of affordable price

Furthermore, for the fleet or asset owners who are exploring to lift the bar on their professionalism & obtain the numerous benefits from the flourishing cargo industry, the VoxTrail Asset Tracking Services – VMT and VAT are the breath-taking choice.

The exclusive Asset Tracking Solutions works on distinctive platforms are obtainable from the leading of GPS industry- VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. These solutions ease up to date decision making, work 24*7 real time operations and are keep supported with round the clock tracking service.

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