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GPS Tracking Device With Emergency Button Mandate From 1st January 2019

With a new beginning towards the safety standards implementation in the society, recently the ministry of road transport and highways has mandated vehicle location tracking (VLT) and emergency buttons in all public transport vehicles with effect to 1st January 2019.

Under this implementation, The Motor Vehicles (Vehicle Location Tracking Device and Emergency Button) order, 2018 will apply to all public service vehicles under the Center Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Making an advancement in the infrastructure outlook and keeping a view of increasing crime rates in the society, Mr. Priyank Bharti, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways quoted that, “ Vehicle tracking system in passenger vehicles will be made mandatory from 1st of January, 2019. The notification has been sent for publishing and will come into effect today (Wednesday). The notification will be issued for all new commercial vehicles and, for older vehicles, state governments may notify and it will be implementation-based,”

The rise of crime rates among every sect of people has provoked the Indian government to take this step in order to curb, eliminate or at least reduce the mishaps and unethical activities in the society plus to create a belief among citizens that government is working on the safety and surveillance standards. But the question arises, do they really possess such expertise to implement the strategy of “SOS Buttons” in all the existing and upcoming vehicles? quoted by VoxTrail CEO – Mr. Ritesh Chauhan.

Then how to safeguard your vehicle yourself?

VoxTrail Software Solutions an advanced niche brand that specializes in GPS solutions is the right choice for guarding your vehicles. Their GPS product – VSS06 is the newly born definition to safety and surveillance that provides customized features and SOS Emergency button functionality to every segment of users ranging from layman to big transporters and even corporates. VSS06 an agile product that supplements vehicle with SOS – Emergency button, internal battery backup, listen in(mic), inbuilt memory and water resistance functionalities enables the users to create a vigilant environment for themselves and for their assets and loved ones. VoxTrail – VSS06 is integrated with VoxTrail Mobile App and VoxTrail Software Solution initializing supporting mechanism to four-wheelers.

SOS Button in VSS03 initiates transmissions of radio signals via GPRS and GSM during the case of emergencies which get re-directed to the 3 main contacts via notification, message and phone call sharing live tracking and current positioning of the vehicle.

So, with VoxTrail Software Solutions; be a helping hand to the Indian government. Protect, secure and safeguard yourself and your assets movements with affordable and easy to use VSS06 GPS Tracker.

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