Frequently Asked Questions

GPS is used to support the transportations firms, logistics companies and fleet managements to monitor their fleets and assets. Moreover the GPS Trackers are also used by layman to safeguard their loved ones and their worthy vehicles. In spite of this, the VoxTrail GPS Tracking Devices are also known as the great choice for parents to examine their teen’s driving and their school going kids.
VoxTrail Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. are known as the foremost dealers and manufacturers of GPS Based Tracking Devices and also offer ‘Made In India’ devices. There are ‘n’ numbers of GPS Trackers that VoxTrail offer to its clients from different domains. They provide influential range of personal trackers, vehicle trackers and asset trackers. To know more about their GPS products, click on the below link – www.voxtrail.com/gps-tracking-devices
In the arena of knowledge, having the right information about your workforce and your fleet is not only going to save your efforts in managing your business economically but also making it a hassle free process. VoxTrail, through its web, mobile versions and through its devices can be very useful for both fleet management and workforce management for your business and organization.
There are many features in VoxTrail that can help in managing your workforce. E.g. : full time tracking request, time specific tracking, zone requests, photo with location. The web version can go a step further and let you analyze your work force related queries and can plot their results on a visual map. Thus, making it easier to understand and analyze.
There are two foremost attributes of this GPS Tracker which intends this device different from all other GPS Trackers available in the market. The device is packed with SOS Button for emergency calls and external MIC to monitor your vehicles remotely.