Powerful Asset Tracking Devices With Long Battery Backup

VoxTrail's Solar GPS Tracker (VAT) is a highly developed Asset Tracking device which is compact, small, and intelligent technology GPS Tracker which mainly works on solar power to track & trace the real time location of your fleets or assets.


GPS Tracking Device With Emergency Button Mandate From 1st January 2019

With a new beginning towards the safety standards implementation in the society, recently the ministry of road transport and highways has mandated vehicle location tracking (VLT) and emergency buttons in all public transport vehicles with effect to 1st January 2019.


Woman’s safety with VPT7 and VoxTrail Mobile App

With the ever-growing crime rates against women in India, recently we have found a new voice of “#MeToo” campaign around the nation.


VoxTrail Mobile App

With an overall growth rate of 60% in the mobile apps, GPS Tracking apps have become a new niche in the domain.


VoxTrail Mobile App With Advanced New Features

In this technology era, where every product or service has an application developed for its brand identity, there are certain applications which work on Artificial Intelligence protocol.


What makes VoxTrail a definite provider of white label-based GPS tracking services?

From inscribing your brand logo, to availing the solutions at a reasonable and affordable pricing point, VoxTrail provides white labeling GPS tracking solutions for all at a highly reasonable cost.


White Labeling For Business

White labeling (also referred to as re-branding) is the act of manufacturing and distributing a product that had been originally another corporate entity.


Will AIS 140 Compliant GPS Tracking Device start implementing in India from 1st April?

AIS-140 is the intelligent transport system that is a new addition for automotive industry standards. Government has mandate automotive industry Standard Gps Tracker for all public vehicles from 1st Arpil 2018.

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