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Will AIS 140 Compliant GPS Tracking Device start implementing in India from 1st April?

AIS-140 is the intelligent transport system that is a new addition for automotive industry standards. Government has mandate automotive industry Standard Gps Tracker for all public vehicles from 1st Arpil 2018. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are globally proven systems to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure and improve transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. Primary aim of designing the system is to increase the safety of passenger traveling in public vehicles and improve the standards of Indian public vehicle and department.

It is mandatory to connect GPS tracking device in all Public Carriers from 1st April 2018. GPS devices should possess AIS 140 standard to connect in public carriers, without this the vehicle can’t obtain Fitness Certificate.

Who Will Use AIS 140 GPS Trackers:-

  • State Transport Undertakings – Inter-city & Intra city
  • Private Bus Operators – Inter & Intra city
  • Car and Bus Taxi fleet owners or operators (incl. corporate fleets)
  • Rental taxis operators
  • Taxi hailing service providers
  • Self-driven car rental operators
  • Schools, Colleges and institutional (incl. corporate) bus operators

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