Real Time GPS Tracking

Real time GPS tracking

Track your vehicle 24*7

GPS Tracking Solutions
GPS Tracking System

Get Real Time Location Of Your Loved Ones, Vehicle and Assets On The Map

Kids GPS Tracker
GPS Tracking Devices

Working Women, Kids, Parents, valuable assets, etc. all be monitored using our GPS tracker devices

Vehicle fleet management
Fleet Management Software

Monitor Each & Every Vehicle Within Your Fleet Using A Single Tab

Welcome to Voxtrail

GPS Devices

Voxtrail delivers GPS tracking devices that are of top notch quality. With pin-point accuracy precision any object or person can be tracked here on a 24/7 real-time basis.

GPS Software & APP

The GPS tracking devices come with a dedicated application or software to pair with the device. It has a simple and easy to use interface, and is compatible with different devices.

IOT Solutions

IoT-based features such as – temperature control, live camera footage, etc. come built-in with these GPS devices. These are guaranteed to help both individuals and corporate clients.

The Voxtrail team

solutions for everyone

Renowned for its diligence, perseverance, and the desire to strive for excellence, the Voxtrail team works day & night ensuring that they provide the best GPS tracking solutions. Feedbacks from customers are taken as prime considerations and any changes to the existing frameworks are designed based on them.

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our mission

solutions for everyone

As one of the leaders in the field of GPS tracking technology, Voxtrail always aims to live up to this. Service and customer satisfaction are two of Voxtrail’s prime directives, and the best of these are always made sure of.

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our motto

solutions for everyone

With customer satisfaction being one of the Voxtrail team’s primary goals, the Voxtrail team works hard to ensure just that. Our motto is –
Providing 100% customer satisfaction no matter where you are.

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Our Goal

solutions for everyone

Voxtrail primary objective is to produce top quality GPS tracking devices for all. Which is why, the GPS tracking devices produced by Voxtrail are of the best quality and they are available at a highly affordable pricing point for all.

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 VoxTrail Team

Our Philosophy

The Voxtrail team strongly believes that in delivering the finest quality product and service initiatives, perfection can be achieved. Which is why, delivering them highest quality products at all times is always the prime objective.

Our Mission

Voxtrail understands that GPS tracking devices are necessary for all. Which is why, it ensures the highest degree of quality in the GPS tracking devices it produces and provides it at a highly reasonable pricing point.

Our Business

GPS tracking devices manufactured by Voxtrail are among the best and the most effective in India since 2014. Headquartered in Gurugram, it is widely considered to be the No.1 manufacturer and distributor in India.
We creates custom projects through tailored solutions

Transforming ideas into real products & make sure about the quality!

We provide the highest quality GPS tracking service and more.

Featured Products

Vehicle tracking anywhere in the world

Whether your car is parked in your home garage, or it is being driven on a highway far away, the GPS tracking device that you install in your personal vehicle can accurate display navigation and location information.

Customizable software and application interface

Easier To Customize

At VoxTrail, we offer GPS fleet management software that is scalable, has the features you need, and is designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. Our robust VoxTrail GPS Tracking Software is a fully packed fleet tracking software that provides tangible payback to your business.

Our Platform is Powerful and easy to use GPS tracking system which gives you limitless features to boost up your business.Our platform's services are tailored to the needs of you, your business and your clients. We understand our clients maneuver their business in their own way and they don't have much options which fits every business or even most businesses.

Just Login and connect as many devices (vehicles) as you need, modify, extend functionality or you can request us to add protocols. For more information, contact us for a quote or request a demo.

GPS Software

Awesome Features

Real Time Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring is done on a real-time basis by the GPS tracking software and application.

History & Reports

Reports of GPS tracking instances are stored by the device and can be retrieved easily when required.

Fuel Savings

The GPS tracking software and application can monitor the amount of fuel consumed as shown by the GPS tracking device installed in a vehicle.

Intuit App(Android & IOS both)

The GPS tracking application and software are fully compatible with both Android and IOS based mobile operating system based devices.


GPS-based notification messages are sent to the operator instantly through the GPS tracking application and software.


The GPS tracking software and application can receive geofencing alert messages from the device.

POI & Tools

Using these devices, a particular location on the map can be marked specifically and labeled.

Support 20+ Languages & 500+ Protocols.

The GPS tracking application & software supports over 20 different languages and 500 different GPS protocols.

White Labeling Software

VoxTrail provides some of the best business based solutions for white labeling. As we know white labeling is an effective business solution for start-ups and small scale corporations to jump start their business venture. From inscribing your brand logo, to availing the solutions at a reasonable and affordable pricing point, voxtrail provides white labeling gps tracking solutions for all with some of the unique features.

  • Integrate new device protocols
  • Update patches are free to download
  • Over 20 different regional language support in the interface
  • Software is compatible with multiple reports & IoT Solutions
  • Your own branded GPS tracking software and application integration
  • No monthly fees, lifetime license
  • International support via mail, phone, Skype
  • Intuitive dashboard with business analytical tools
  • More than 500 different GPS tracking Protocols supported
  • Tracking records are available at any time through a cloud interface(99.99% uptime)
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