Press Release

VoxTrail Software Solutions organizes Safety Tactics in association with RWA.

An excellent association and collaboration between RWA (Resident Welfare Association of Keshav Puram) and VoxTrail Software Solutions resulted in a conference on safety measures among the citizens of Delhi and how the citizens can be a helping hand for the Police authorities in an unethical activity.

The event took place at Keshav Puram Police Station, New Delhi with a gathering of about 100 spectators at around 11:00 a.m. Influential personalities from Police department like - DCP – Vijay Singh, SHO – Subudhi and ACP North – Mr. Vikas Kumar was the raiders of the event along with VoxTrail Software Solutions CEO – Mr. Ritesh Chauhan who was the guiding foreman of the conclave.

The main purpose of conducting the event was to create an awareness campaign about the safety measures which needs to be implemented among the citizens to eliminate the increasing crime level in the society. The focus was on providing insights on using the GPS Trackers and security surveillance systems in our day-day life with an intention of making a safe and secure environment.

The event captured the audience from different age groups and occupations like parents, women, police officials, RWA members, senior citizens, corporates etc. The audience was stunned by the use of GPS Trackers for their personal safety when Mr. Ritesh Chauhan when interacted with them and demonstrated the easy and compatible use of tracker with the handy VoxTrail Mobile App. He even pivoted on promoting the use of surveillance technology among the residential and crowded areas to keep vigilance on the activities and identify the prime suspect if some misdeed happens.

VoxTrail souvenirs and catalogs were distributed among the audience to give them a glimpse about the product ranges available for them in an affordable price range. Along with that VoxTrail Canopy was present at the police station site giving a hand to hand expertise to the clients who were keen on either knowing or purchasing the devices and installing the app.

The audience were highly taking part in the event by asking several types of questions regarding the usage, importance, and scope of GPS insecurity to which Mr. Ritesh Chauhan, DCP -Vijay Singh and ACP North – Mr. Kumar were addressing the queries which real statistics and facts.

When asked to the audience about the feedback of the conference they had a positive outlook towards the event as they found something new and promising in terms of securing and safeguarding their environment with technology.