Press Release

VoxTrail embarked a paramount conclave on safety measures in Keshav Mahavidyalaya

VoxTrail Software Solutions orchestrated an event at Keshav Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi in association with Delhi Police with a mission of promoting awareness campaign and vigilant environment among the citizens of New Delhi.

As interviewed with Mr. Ritesh Chauhan, CEO – VoxTrail Software Solutions, “With the leap quantum in the crime rates and mis-happening taking place in the city, comes the concern and need to curb it also. This can be only eliminated with the help of Hi-Tech security technology which includes both surveillance and tracking. VoxTrail Software Solution provides such a blend of safety with security with “Made in India” tag”.

Respectable guests in the plenary were Joint CP – Delhi Police – Mr. Sanjay Singh, DCP – Shri Vijay Singh, ACP – Shri Prashant Gautam, and Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Principal – Dr. Madhu Pruthi. The eminent personalities were of honored the conference with their presence and were amazed at the participation of audience for getting the awareness about self-security measures.

The key reason for conducting this conference was to create an awareness and implementation campaign in terms of women, child and old age safety along with surveillance in lieu with the latest and interactive GPS Technology from VoxTrail Software Solutions. The conference covered a large amount of audience from different age groups and genders which included parents. Women, senior citizens, government authorities, corporate, and Delhi police officials. The spectators were enthusiastic and zealous in getting an overwhelming experience in context to their safeguarding tool and technology session.

In the event, Mr. Ritesh Chauhan represented his “Made in India” brand – VoxTrail Software Solutions products and services along with the other surveillance systems which have been introduced by honorable Mr. Chauhan as the Hi-Tech gadgets to safeguard and curb the crime rates specifically against women, children and senior or handicap citizens. He demonstrated the implications of the GPS Trackers along with the mobile applications and usage of surveillance systems in our day-to-day life. VoxTrail brochures and souvenirs were also been distributed among the spectators to have an overview of the products and its catalog and how it can be a helping hand in furnishing safety measures among society.

The Delhi Police on been asked about the conference response rate, appraised the conclave on an excellent note as all the points from the safety perspective for women, children and senior citizens were been provided along with this technology implication by a common man gave a supporting hand to the police authorities also to eliminate the crimes in the city.